The Perfect Time to Put Your House Up for Sale is Coming Soon

The Best Week To List Your House Is Almost Here

Are you considering a move? If you are, now might be just the right moment to kick-start the process. That’s because experts are saying that the best time to list your house is coming soon.

According to a recent study by, they looked at how the housing market has been doing over the past few years (excluding 2020, which was a bit different). They found out that the best time to put your house on the market this year is from April 14th to April 20th.

The study mentioned, "Every year, there’s a special week when it’s really great to sell your house. And this year, the week of April 14th to 20th is the top time to sell. If you want lots of people interested in your house, a quick sale, and some extra cash, this is the time to do it."

Now, why is this important for you? While spring is always a good time to sell, this week might be the absolute best. If you've been holding off on making your move, this could be the push you need. As Hannah Jones, a Senior Economic Research Analyst at, says, "The third week of April is when everything lines up just right for sellers. It's when there's high demand from buyers, less competition from other sellers, and fewer price drops compared to other weeks."

But if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to act fast and get help from the pros. Your local real estate agent is the perfect person to guide you through the process of getting your house ready for the market.

They can give you advice on when to list your house and what repairs or changes you might need to make. They'll help you figure out what to prioritize, especially if your house is already in decent shape. As Investopedia suggests, "You won’t have time for big renovations, so focus on fixing up small things that could turn off potential buyers."

Here are some examples of what they mean:

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Even if you're not quite ready to list your house in the next few weeks, don't worry. The opportunity doesn't disappear once this particular week passes by. Spring is the prime time for homebuying, and the seller's market will still be going strong throughout the season. So, you'll have plenty of chances to take control and sell your home on your terms, even if you need a bit more time to prepare.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, whether you're gearing up to list your house soon or need more time to prepare, the spring season offers ample opportunities in the real estate market. While experts pinpoint certain weeks as optimal for listing, the seller's market and high demand for homes persist throughout the season. So, take your time, work with your real estate agent, and when you're ready, you'll be well-positioned to make the most of the favorable conditions and find the right buyer for your home.

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